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Instant File Name Search  v.1.7.5

Instant File Name Search is a freeware tool for instant searches. Find files by name, part of name or wildcards (*.doc, photo??.jpg, *shrek*.avi etc.) on your PC or LAN. It is easy to use and useful software for Windows.

File Name Fixer  v.0.9.1

File Name Fixer strips out common junk, strings specified in an accompanying text file, then truncates file names to selected

File Name Tag Explorer

File Name Tag Explorer enables you to neatly organize your files with tags, search or Browser files with tag filter, and find files which match all or any selected tags. File Name Tag Explorer use the key words in the file's name as the tags of that

Set Short File Name  v.1.00

Displays or sets the 8.3 SFN (Short File Name) for a file or

CUPS Printed File Name  v.0.4.05

The CUPS Printed File Name is a little console tool designed to display the printed file name and size of the CUPS print

Audio File Name Fixer  v.0.02

Audio File Name Fixer is a utility written in python to change the file names of your audio files to match what is in the ID3 tags. Useful for fixing names of files copied directly from an

Copy File Name  v.

Right click a file and copy the long or short name to the clipboard

File Name Changer  v.1.0

Rename thousands of files at once.

File Name Repository  v.1.0

A client/server application to create a central repository for file names based to hash fingerprint of

Long File Name Tools for DOS  v.1.79

Provide access to long file names under real-mode DOS. Supported file systems: FAT12/16/32, ISO9660, Joliet. Supported operations: dir, copy, mkdir, rmdir, ren, cd,

File Property Edit Free  v.3.56

With just several clicks, you can easily change the files' attributes

File Scan/Editor  v.2.4

File Scan/Editor enables you to either scan a file or edit one. Allowing the Formatting to show will block showing characters over 126. Hex values are shown in editing, but use Decimal values to enter changes. It is safe to scan any file, but

Oscars File Renamer  v.1.1

The Renamer takes and enhances the idea of editing files in directory in a full featured Text editor and then writing all the changes at once into the files. It works simple: Open Renamer, select directory and the files will appear in the File Name

Kuriuz File Finder  v.1.0.0

Do you miss that 'ol Windows XP Search Companion Software? It was very easy to use and 100% accurate. We made a very similar program that can find files for you by file name, text inside the files, size or date modified. Kuriuz File Finder scans

File Audit Free Edition  v.1.0

Monitors folders and sub folders for the following changes:- -File/Folder Attributes -File/Folder Last Write Time -File name -Folder name -File/Folder Security

File tracker  v.1.0

File traker is a simple program, to hold view of your stored files (file name, description, disk place). It is written in Delphi, needs the BDE and runs on W32.Sorry, but I have no longer time for the project. May be in

Make File  v.0.2

No longer Supported! Use touch! (I did not know about it, I was a newbie when I started this project...)Creat a file into the current directory.Must have one argument, (the file name).To see the help message run mkfile with no

NFC file system  v.0.1alpha2

A Mac OS X file system that can be used to change the behavior of an existing file systems so that all file names are returned in UTF-8 NFC form. Workaround for applications that have problem with the default file name encoding of Mac OS

Batch File Renamer(FileRen)  v.1.0

FileRen is a small utility that provides the end-users with batch renaming facility of file(s). It traverses the sub-directories and lists the files present in the directory and the probable new file-name based on the renaming criteria selected.

TFileEdit  v.

TFileEdit is a descendant of TEdit which contains a button that, when clicked, calls an open file dialog that fills the TEdit control with the selected file name and path information. TFileEdit also has ButtonClick Event in order to perform your own

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